Towing Eyes | Flange | Art.Nr. 00.649.00.0-A01

Koppel type K50 Towing Eye Ball-Coupling System
Homologation / Approval   M 9931
Type 50-649000
Max. Permissible D-Value (kN) 26,7
Max. Permissible Vertical Load (kg) 750
Flensgatpatroon 72x72
Draad M16
Hole Pattern Holes 4
Flange Alignment Vertical
Working Length (mm) 157
Colour   Black-Primer
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Art.Nr. 10.731.000.0

Attachments | Anti-Theft Locks

● Anti-Theft Lock K50


Art.Nr. 00.950.15.0

Attachments | Screw Sets

4x M16x45-SK-8.8