Inserts for Ladder Hitches | Art.Nr. 00.508.22.0-A10

Koppel type ISO 50 (Car)
Montage afmeting KN Scharmüller (200/16/25)
Homologation / Approval   E1 55R-01 2809, e4 00-3319, Manufacturer Plate
Type Manufacturer Plate, 701600
Max. Permissible D-Value (kN) 17
Max. Permissible Vertical Load (kg) 200
Draad M16
Working Length (mm) 80
Adapter Plate Height (mm) 90
● Height Adjustable with Grabhandle
Colour   Iseki-Grey
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Art.Nr. 10.730.810.0

Attachments | Covering Caps

● Covering Cap K50